Dance Directory: SLDC THE FOUR ELEMENTS 2016

Start the spring with a wonderful gift from The Spirit Light Dance Company. They have an opening performance of the Neoclassical Ballet ‘The Four Elements 2016’ this Sunday March 20th at Noon SLT.

If you can’t make it then or would want to see the show again there are three more performances at the following dates:  April 3, 17th & 24th all at noon SLT.

Don’t miss the chance to see this unique and talented group perform their new show live with no pre-programming hud scripts! Prepare to be entertained as you sit back and relax. The show is free with open seating so go early to grab the best seats. The performances are at the Rockcliffe University where they already transformed it with decorations in the four elements theme.

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In anticipation for the big show here is an older you tube video to start warming up for their live performance courtesy of Pia Klaar who does great Machinima from Second Life:

Subscribe to her channel to watch more videos!

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  • Join the Spirit Light Dance Company in world group to stay up to date with their upcoming performances by typing the following Group URI in local chat: secondlife:///app/group/ad04128f-e20d-217a-35d2-30d24c59a62f/about


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