Dancer Spotlight: Getting to Know The Dancers

Dancer Spotlight: Getting to Know The Dancers
Interview By Kara Trapdoor

As one of the newest writers for Showtime magazine I proposed a Dancer Spotlight section that hopefully will be a regular segment in the publication.  Showtime magazine plans to regularly showcase somewhat randomly selected dancers to spotlight so readers and audiences can get to know them a little better.  For this first spotlight round we feature three dancers I know including seasoned manager, choreographer, dancer, and builder Isabella Mavendorf, SL novice dancer and music manger Jenna Dirval, and well known dancer and choreographer Babypea.   A set list of questions were posed to each of them along with a request for a dance portfolio photograph.  The following are their responses.  I hope you enjoy getting to know some of our favorite dancers a little better.

Isabella Mavendorf

1. What roles do you currently hold in any dance troupe such as dancer, choreographer, set designer, special effects, costume stylist, manager, etc.?  Have you held other positions in the past, if so please identify them as well.

I am what the boss (Samual Wetherby) likes to call the “head choreographer.” What that really means is I was the most experienced choreographer at Starlite Theater when we opened last September. Officially, I am one of the managers who helps keep the shows running smoothly, assigning dancers to routines and helping backstage during shows when needed. Unofficially, I rank just below Sam’s camel.

I design and build my own sets now, but do look to Sam for input because he really is the master builder. I am learning special effects and I create the costumes for all of my routines. Well, I create the textures. My past experience had been creating dance routines for friends, a brief stint as a cheerleader and then a  few months creating humorous Burlesque routines at The Naughty Box.

2.  Where do you currently dance or work in SL?  (Please list theater names and location coordinates)

Starlite Theater:

3.  When and how did you get started in dancing or performing in SL?

I was a DJ at Moulin Rouge and got hooked on the idea of dance shows when doing some fill in dance spots there. It was a lot of fun and I remember thinking how much I would love to create a dance show of my own.

4. In a few sentences or less can you relay a particularly interesting, nerve-wracking, best or worst, proud, surprising, unexpected or unusual moment for us?

IzzyGatorsEvery show is nerve-wracking, so I guess I don’t really want to go there. On the other hand, it’s also very rewarding to see my ideas spring to life on stage and know that the audience is enjoying the show. I guess I prefer to talk about my proudest moment and that was when I saw what I call “the Shadow dance” on stage for the first time. When you create a routine with many dancers, you never really get to see it until the show. We might rehearse once or twice, but rarely in costume. It was a rare routine for me, very personal; not going for laughs or an upbeat song but created for the sole intent to convey a deep emotion to match a song about loneliness. It’s a place I think we’ve all been at some point in our lives. The routine had one dancer portraying a young woman, who waits for someone who never comes. The rest of us were simply shadows that entered  the scene at different times. Some dancing alone, some dancing as couples. I was extremely happy with the results and so proud of the Starlite dancers who never complained about the shadow costumes. In fact, they all loved it.

5. Do you have any dance, choreography, or related RL experience?

As far back and I can remember, I have been a dancer and choreographer in my head. Sadly, my feet never wanted to cooperate.  So the short answer is “no.”

6. What or who led you to performing in SL?

Sheer love of music and dance. Oh and about 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to create a dance routine for a modeling show. I was pretty much hooked at that time.

7. Is there anything extra you’d like to say:  Such as words of wisdom for new dancers, how you’ve handled fans, other SL jobs, tasks, other things you enjoy doing in SL, cost, pay or expense with your job, behind the scenes details, etc.?

Whatever you do in SL,  especially choreography, do it for the sake of art and beauty. Make friends with everyone of your dancers because they truly are the ones who will bring all your hard work to life. Most of all, keep a sense of humor about it all and just have fun.  Fans? Ummmmm…yeah, I gotta get me some of those.

Interview By Kara Trapdoor


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