“Yeah…” by textcavation (Hypatia Pickens)

A story about how art is the only way a man who has been deprived of speech or understanding it can express the vivid images he has in his head. This film won one of the top ten awards for the MachinUWA IV challenge in Second Life (special award: “emotion”). I’m grateful to the judges and all the artists who inspired me.

Here are the artists with full titles (order of appearance in the film):

Typote Beck, “Dream of the Cold Sleeper” (flickering castle)
Nino Vichan, “Piume di Pavone” (peacock feathers)
Typote Beck, “The Superhero’s Breakfast” (slow buses)
June Clavenham, “Living Fractal” (shimmering curtains)
Thoth Jantzen, “Great Balls of Fire” (talking heads)
Igor Ballyhoo, “Metamorphosis” (pulsing brain)
Artistide Despres, Petite Etude sur Olivier Messiaen (waving phalanges)
Lollito Larkham, “AminimA” (tipped over lamp)
Sledge Roffo, “Here Comes the Sun” (silhouettes of NYC)
Betty Tureaud, “Light Tower” (falling cubes)
Gingered Alsop, “Shattered” (boy curled up)
Fae Varriale, “Daughter of the Wind” (gauzy figure)
Capcat Ragu, untitled (woman washing her hair)
Barry Richez, “Body Space” (glowing outline of two lovers)
Soror Nishi, “Copper Beech: A Majestic Shade Tree” (in fuschia ;))
Meilo Minotaur, untitled (floating island with faces)
Romy Nayar, “En el agua” (doll under the shower)
Gingered Alsop, “Welcome to our Parlor” (turning flowers)
Josiane Sorciere, “l’Impatience” (the stressed out artist!)
Secret Rage, “Tribute to UWA artists” (floating crayons)
Gleman Jun, “Desperation” (the hands)
Dusty Canning, “Read My Lips” (mouth released from its wall)

Simon’s artwork: yours truly

Quotation at the opening is from Paul-Elie Gerner (1888-1948), a painter, and taken from Herve-Pierre Lambert’s article:

For information on artists-with-aphasia see:

An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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