The Vinnie Show @ Key West 9-2-2015

Live Musician & Peformer.
Co-owner of The Cavern Club
Bookings Contact: Daallee Resident or Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody)

My evening meeting was over, all my IM’s closed and time to find some entertainment for the night. I reviewed what was currently available at 8pm SLT and saw The Vinnie Show at Key West with 45 currently on sim. Arrived shortly after 8pm and made my wait through the crowd to a nice scheduled spot to listen and people watch. Vinnie was rocking out to a Beatles mix nicely and followed it with a custom Happy Birthday song to Toy Soldier. Wasn’t bad at all.

Vinnie has a great voice and range and plays a great mixture of 60’s & 70’s tonight during the first half of his set. He shifted quickly from one tune to another without missing a beat. Loved it!

If out and about and see Vinnie booked at a venue, GO!
Sure to be some good music and good people.


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