Dancer Spotlight: Jenna Dirval

Jenna Dirval

By Kara Trapdoor
Photo By Deb Heron

1. What roles do you currently hold in any dance troupe such as dancer, choreographer, set designer, special effects, costume stylist, manager, etc.?  Have you held other positions in the past, if so please identify them as well.

I am very proud to be a Soloist with Guerilla Burlesque, freshly minted!  My first performance with them was July 3rd.  I have no other dance experience in SL other than my crazy dance hud!

2.  Where do you currently dance or work in SL?  (Please list theater names and location coordinates)

Guerilla Burlesque – Acuo Theatre,

I’m also am the owner and CEO of Dirval Musica Associates – an artist management company currently representing The Follow, Darkshore, QuadRadiX, SoulVision and Voodoo Shilton.

3.  When and how did you get started in dancing or performing in SL?

Jenna4I had always admired SL dancers but never felt I had the time to learn.  My friend, Arrehn Oberlander of The Metaharpers, said I should check it out.  He eventually had me try out one of the dances that’s part of his Interactive Stage system – it was synced to music and from that moment I was “hooked” and had to learn how it was all done.  Six months later (roughly), here I am!  I have Deb Heron, my dance mentor/trainer,  to thank for all that I have learned!  She’s an awesome dancer in her own right and now a dear friend as well.  I also need to thank Cherryblonde Scribe, Director and Producer of Guerilla Burlesque,  for taking my interest seriously and pairing me up with Deb!

4. In a few sentences or less can you relay a particularly interesting, nerve-wracking, best or worst, proud, surprising, unexpected or unusual moment for us?

Yes!  I never expected to be so nervous before the curtain went up on my first performance – the timing was intense!  It’s nerve wracking to remember what to cue first, load your dance, cache your dances, hit your cams and then hit go.

5. Do you have any dance, choreography, or related RL experience?

Yes, I’ve been dancing since I was a child – ballet , gymnastics and ballroom.  I’m the equivalent of a Silver Level ballroom dancer in real life.  I know about 15 different dances including tango, bolero, swing, salsa, samba, waltz, cha cha and so on. I have competed in the Pro-Am circuit.

6. What or who led you to performing in SL

Honestly, I was kind of watching Guerilla Burlesque from afar for a very long time and things finally came together in a way (okay I got a good shove from my friend) that made it possible for me to give it a try.

7. Is there anything extra you’d like to say:  Such as words of wisdom for new dancers, how you’ve handled fans, other SL jobs, tasks, other things you enjoy doing in SL, cost, pay or expense with your job, behind the scenes details, etc.

I would like to say that the only limits we have are those that we place on ourselves.  Get out there and just do it!

Interview By Kara Trapdoor


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