As a virutal world we are extremely lucky to be able to have no bounds to our imaginations and creatvity – some have it in abundance, others like me not so much so I rely on those that do to bring to me their talents so I can share with you, whether that is music, clothing, landscaping or building.

I love to take photos and I am no where near as good as some of you out there, but I enjoy it and today I went back to an old favourite that has recently had to move to a different SIM and re-create itself and what a spectacular job was done to by Blublaize and Purr at the New Peacehaven.

These places are created for you to enjoy and to make memories within second life for everyone, even to inspire you. So hop over there wander around meet the wildlife and use that “Pure Imagination“. Donate to if you can too lets help keep these places where they belong. So here is a peek for you!

Peacehaven - new beginning_010
Peacehaven - new beginning_012
Peacehaven - new beginning_017
Peacehaven - new beginning_019
Peacehaven - new beginning_020
Peacehaven - new beginning_023
Peacehaven - new beginning_028Having a word with Reggie – Ronnie was off doing a job!

Peacehaven - new beginning_030
Peacehaven - new beginning_039
Peacehaven - new beginning_041
Peacehaven - new beginning_043
Peacehaven - new beginning_045
Peacehaven - new beginning_051
Peacehaven - new beginning_053
Peacehaven - new beginning_056



Some say that she’s a CIA experiment that went wrong, and that she only eats cheese. All we know is she’s not the Stig," I love music, I love listening, I love dancing but I am not the Stig just his english cousin.

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