Calas Galadhon’s Neverland

I’ve had the opportunity to check out a few sims that Calas Galadhon own (they have 10 different ones!) and was excited to hear they opened up a Halloween theme sim The Neverland.  This year instead of just one sim for this incredible setup – there are two!  The Calas Galadhon sims are owned by Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith – and they’ve outdone themselves with this year’s Halloween sim setup!

When I arrived, I found myself standing on the beach…it was dark and gloomy looking. Getting goosebumps on my arms, I slowly turned around to check out my surroundings. I spotted a sunken pirates ship in the distance. My eyes widened as I spotted so many skeletons in the dark murky water as they were swimming to shore.  Taking more than a few steps back, actually more like ran away to escape, I followed a path which led me to a boat. Biting my lip as I made sure the skeletons weren’t near the boat I hopped in. Feeling a bit safer, I settled in as the boat departed and set off on a boat tour.

What a cool way to see everything Neverland has to offer.  After the boat tour, be sure to walk around following the paths.  The path will lead you to a bridge where you’ll cross into NEVERLAND to which you’ll really want to look around.  Oh – be sure to look out for Journey Clothes – these are very cool as it’ll take you to spots you can’t get to…and very worth checking out as well!

A special bonus with the build is the  “THE NEVERLAND PAVILION“, where our live music performances will be held for October.  I managed to catch Savannah Rain’s show that night and it was so much fun!  A great show put on by Savannah and as it was a costume party – the outfits were amazing and perfect for the theme of the sim! Be sure to catch one of their live music shows – I’ve attached a calendar of events at the end of the article!

I would stop by Neverland a few times as each visit you’ll find something new!  I’ve already gone back several times and find so many things I’ve missed each time!  Make sure to check Neverland out soon as it closes down after Halloween as the next theme coming up will be Christmas!!  Definitely take the boat ride – very cool!!  And again be careful of those skeletons as they come out of the water to greet you!










Calas Galadhon Neverland Info!

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Calas Galadhon Neverland Landmark: [Landmark to Neverland]

Calas Galadhon Neverland Pavilion  [Landmark to Pavilion]


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