Dare you travel to Castle Sinner? To hear the dark tales and experience the gruesome and grisly secrets that lie within! Guard your soul as you answer the invitation, lets it fall into purgatory forever! on the bright side, you will be surrounded by our sexy, beautiful dancers…and some weird & wonderful music from DJ Pepper. Please come early to reserve a coffin..I mean seat..

Well it was a very ghoulish evening last Friday at Castle Sinners. So “Please Allow me to Introduce myself……”

The show opened up with the group dance from Skye. This consisted of Skye Nightshade, Sanne Blister, Memphis Bellini and Pepper Curie. The dance was performed to “Wicked Games” and the girls definitely put on a wicked opening and an awesome start to the show. “The World Was on fire” and “What a Wicked thing to do”sinners-october_008sinners-october_012Next up was the solo by Memphis Bellini – to Voodoogirl. So who was this girl who could steal your soul. She was a scarey Voodoo Girl, she would put a spell on your soul with this capitivating imaginative performance. And as Voodoo Bellini said if “If you looking for some gris-gris, then walk the other way”.sinners-october_014sinners-october_016After recovering from the shakes after that performance next up was a solo from Sanne Blister – a very sexy Vampire Queen to say the least and performing her routine to Nox Arcana and Vampire Exorcism.sinners-october_022sinners-october_024And as the Vampire Queen warned “Every day or better to say every night when the dark appears………….it is time for me to awake. I awake in my search to feed my hunger and longing for blood!! Wandering in the dark my eyes wide open to look for a victim who can feed me. At times i need to wander for hours and hours to find some sweet tasty blood. Sunrise is about to happen time for me to sleep again………seems it is your lucky day today……..just don’t count on it tomorrow!!!!!”

It was then time for Skye to perform her Solo interpretation to The Classic IV – “Spooky”. And it got kind of crazy with a spooky little girl like Skye.sinners-october_028sinners-october_030Next up was the group dance led by Memphis Bellini. With the “Queen of the Vampires” by The Cult of the Psychic Fetus. ” Welcome to my cosy little tomb here at Sinner’s, make yourself at home! I’ve been here for quite a while and some of the stories I could tell! Let’s just say, some of these dancers make me look quite innocent… It’s not so much the creaks & moans around here as the bump & grind…
sinners-october_034The Final dance was the group detail led by Sanne Blister. With a performance to “I Want Candy” which I am pretty sure most people in that room was wanting some sweet candy after this show.sinners-october_044 It was an awesome show and one that only takes place once a month I would recommend joining their facebook page or group inworld to make sure you don’t miss the next spooktacular set.


Some say that she’s a CIA experiment that went wrong, and that she only eats cheese. All we know is she’s not the Stig," I love music, I love listening, I love dancing but I am not the Stig just his english cousin.

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