I visited ExtrAzsound in late October during a Bubbles show and managed to convince Aezlyne the owner to talk to me about what her venue means to her and why she decided to create it.bubbles-extraQ. How did you discover Second Life?

A. I discovered Second Life when someone talked to me about.

Q. How long have you been in Second Life?

A. Since a long time, it’s not my first avatar on SL, but I don’t say the name of my first one.extra

Q. What made you create the venue – tell me the story of your motivation behind it ?

A. I like everything related to music and dance, that’s why Habana and I decided to make the venue to share the listening artists we also like to listen to,  so it is not possible for all to perform here, but we hope to do our best.

Q. How long did the build take?

A. In terms of decoration, it depends, the implementation took +/- 12 hours, but the seasons and events as it changes and it can take as much time in research to have an original decoration so it is forever evolving to suit the time of year or event.

Q. What atmosphere are you trying to create?

A. I’m trying to create an atmosphere which is something warm and inviting where people feel good and like to come back again and again. Respect and good humor are a must in ExtrAZsound.extrasoundz_011

Q. What genre of music to you like?

A. I like all music, but as they say there are often execptions, the only music I do not like is that I can make with pots and cutlery.

Q. When did you open?

A. It will soon be six months since we started to organize concerts

Q. If you could share a piece of wisdom or you have a quote for life – what would that be?

A. What’s the point of going against, time is lost

Q. Do you have a public calendar where people can follow?

A. Yes, of course, here is the link : Calendar

Q. Do you have a facebook page?

Yes, there is the link : Facebook

Well thank you for taking the time to talk to me and I wish you and Habana every success for the future. So hop over and support the venues that keep going to bring us all live music and any music we like to listen to in Second Life.




Some say that she’s a CIA experiment that went wrong, and that she only eats cheese. All we know is she’s not the Stig," I love music, I love listening, I love dancing but I am not the Stig just his english cousin.

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