Blue Orange Art Project Opening December 17th @ Noon

Be sure to stop for the Blue Orange Art-Corner opening event.

Opening this Saturday December 17th at Noon!

Landmark for Blue Orange Art Corner : [Landmark]

Blue Orange is project to pull together open minded, friendly people to share time, music, RL and SL art understanding. (rl=sl=rl basically)

At first it was an idea to mix urban style with something classy and create bohemian underground music club where people could hear a lot of different music styles, starting from underground alternative, industrial, grunge, indie, noise, psychedelic, folk punk and ending with jazz, neo-folk, instrumental and classical music. Sure counting in a lot of music without labels and maybe not very popular music as well.

Later came an idea to invite creative people who would be happy to share love for art, this how they understand art, how they express themselves and to show how second life as virtual place let to us share it. Photos, drawings, paintings, 3D installations and much more as SL is amazingly open and full of tools to do this.

I was very happy to find and invite such music lovers or SL Djs who were glad to help to me to express and create bohemian mood in club.
And I was unbelievable happy when so many people wanted to show their creativity and make Blue Orange bigger, much more ”wider” and such colorful and not only as music club, but as art project – which is still open for all people who has what to say and want to say or show 🙂

This time Blue Orange guests at ArtCorner are:
Theda Tammas
Miu Miu Miu
Eupalinos Ugajin
Igor Ballyhoo

Some of them you already know, for some of them it is first and shy debut 🙂
Not much words left here… works talks it self and thanks to you all for such lovely time and pleasure to work with you guys.

To jump in right mood will help music collected by
Gitu Aura (12pm-2pm)
Khaz Rotaru (2pm-4pm)
Niels Koolhoven (4pm-6pm)

Thanks to All of You and lets have some nice time.

Opening will start at 12 PM slt 17th of December.

Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.

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