TooRealsom @ White Satin

I went by the White Satin venue, owned by Ducky (Splataduck) to catch TooRealsom’s show.  White Satin is such a cool venue set inside a planetarium – which totally adds to the show dancing in space – soft clouds against the dance floor. Be sure to stop by during the shows and when there are no shows as the radio is playing, dancing in the stars is very romantic.

I’ve been lucky to catch TooRealsom’s shows several times and glad I caught him again! He opened his show with Ordinary World by Duran Duran following that by playing the piano as he sang Welcome home.  TooRealsom is a very talented singer playing covers of songs as well as singing songs of his own such as  Shining Star!  My favorite songs from his show were Run by Snow Patrol, which I love his version of this song. Another very cool song he sang is Port of Amsterdam, a French song by Jacques Brel, which TooRealsom sang in English.   TooRealsom is a great show to catch and one you should soon! I know I will!

Realsom’s Bio:  from Belgium,playing the keyboard, piano .specializes in romantic, melodic love songs. As a song writer and composer, he has developed an extensive collection of real-life inspired originals as well as performing many well known covers.

Realsom’s Info!

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White Satin Info!

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