Spilling Juel Tones LEA 4

I’ve talked with Suzen Juel several times who was very excited about this huge project with LEA as she was approved with her idea by Linden Endowment for the Arts.  I have to admit I’ve stopped in several times since it opened and continue to find something new to her displays!  Spilling Juel Tones – LEA 4 is an incredible display of art and music that Suzen put together, both of which Suzen does in both real and Second Life as well.  From December 1, 2016 until February 28th, 2017 you can make check out Spilling Juel Tones and you definitely want to pop by and do that!

I managed to catch her in her busy schedule to ask her a few questions on the exhibit she put together.

Me: What inspired you to pursue LEA to set up your display…what were the inspiration in doing so?
Suzen: A friend of mine encouraged me to apply…and honestly, I wasn’t real eager about it because I Knew absolutely NOTHING about an art install. I voiced my concerns and she kept at me anyway.  Eventually I finally looked up LEA Core Grant and filled out the application and really didn’t know what to say. 6 months later or so I was notified and I had a couple months before DEC 1 when I began.

Me: I know when you arrive at the sim, you can take a cool bubble tour around! What do you hope people taking that magical ride see?
Suzen: My friend J. Lively..another wonderful songwriter/performer/artist told me about the bubble rezzer, so I bought one and found the experience to be soooooo dreamy and surreal.  Add to that my selection of the music that plays on the sim…more dreamy. I hope people will explore all the way UP and all the Down and behind and in and through it all.  I’ve put things everywhere and it’s all pretty much based on the lyrics in some of my songs….the places inside of us that try to find a way out.  I hope people see something euphoric, calming, energizing and perhaps a bit disturbing.

An amazing art build inspiring Art and Music in Second Life – it’s fascinating to walk around – ride the bubble around and check it out!!  Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Landmark/Slurl:  [Spilling Juel Tones LEA 4]





Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.

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