LuvofMusic @ Vincent’s Blues

It’s been awhile since I have stopped by Vincent’s Blues venue and was nice to be back!  A friendly venue where the owner Allen (Impress Allen) was on hand greeting everyone!  Great place to hang out with their active schedule of Djs and Live singers!

LuvofMusic I’ve managed to see a few times performing – both on her own and with duets too!  She has an incredible voice and can really nail the blues!  Vincent’s Blues is one of the first venues she started at when she started performing in Second Life and keeps coming back!   She played a nice variety of songs from artists such as Crosby Stills and Nash, Rush, Beth Hart and Stevie Wonder with a great version of Superstition.    My favorite songs she sang today that I quite enjoyed were Tin Pan Alley and taking my song – Killing Me Softly.   A great singer and one you should catch soon!

Luvofmusic’s Bio:  Luvofmusic was born and raised in Chi-Town (Chicago, Illinois). She is considered to be one of SL’s favorite Female Performers on the grid. She will blow your mind with her tone and range.  Being a real life singer, she brings experience and a professional feel to her SL gigs.  She loves singing Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Soul R&B and some Pop.

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Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.

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