Cryptic Harmony @ Love Kats

Wandering around SL checking out the music scene and happened to stop in at Love Kats – owned by a good friend of mine Kat Chauveau. Nicely decorated sim set around the ocean waters and some beach areas to cuddle and dance too!  Very active venue with their busy schedule of live singers who come in for their shows!

Cryptic Harmony I’ve caught often over time and finally got a chance to catch her show again!  Like me, Cryppy is a Canadian too – woot!   She’s a fun bubbly singer who has fun with her shows and loves to sing.  Her shows are fun and she sings a great mix of songs. Singing songs from Lorde, Serena Ryder, Chuck Berry, and more… especially Cups by Anna Kendrick – love that song!    My favorite song she sang during this set was One Way or Another by Blondie!  A fun show and one you should catch soon!

Cryptic Harmony’s Bio:  Cryptic Harmony is a friendly, sassy, Canadian female. She was born in 1989, but don’t let her age fool you; this girl is wise beyond her years. Growing up in a religious household she was heavily involved in her church choir from age 10. During her time in choir she was heavily criticized for her vocals and vowed never to sing again. She quit singing altogether for 6 years. In 2012, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery! She was told she might never see or talk again, or worse, lose all memories. It was during her recovery that she found a new lease on life and began to sing again. She throws passion and soul into all her performances. Her main goal is to touch people’s emotions through singing and to have a positive impact on those around her.

Cryppy’s Info!

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Love Kats II Info!     (Owned by Kat Chauveau)

Landmark/Slurl :   [Landmark]

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