SLDC Season Begins with “Virtual Expressions” Benefit Performances

Let the new season begin!  The Spirit Life Dance Company is pleased to open its spring season with a presentation that blends the best of the arts and of virtual-world technology.  And it is for two good causes:  Rockcliffe University and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  The show is appropriately titled “Virtual Expressions:  A Choreographer’s Choice Benefit Show,” and will be performed on January 29 and February 5, at 12:00 noon SLT.  Both shows will be at the Rockcliffe Theatre.   

The program consists of a delightful mélange of musical theatre favorites, movie hits, and original dance creations.  One of my personal favorites takes me back to the “Age of Aquarius” when we all “Let the Sunshine In.”  While the whole company will participate in the dances, the choreography of individual numbers will feature the work of Falkon Wickentower and JenniferMay Carlucci, Redorange Magic, Keko Heckroth, Kiran Sporg, and Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas.  We want also to recognize the work of two new dance leaders, Hanna Mixemup and Wyvern Blazewood.  Not to be overlooked, of course, is the creative genius of SLDC’s founder, manager, and artistic director, Caryl Meredith, who not only is a contributing choreographer, but is the show’s creator and dance master.  She also provides the thread that ties the dances together and demonstrates, yet again, how the whole can be made greater than the sum of its parts.

“Virtual Expressions:  A Choreographer’s Choice” is a benefit performance.  In the middle of the show, kiosks will be set up in the theatre and members of the audience will be asked to “vote” through their donations for a favorite dance.  While the audience is voting, the company will perform a rousing, neon-laced medley of high-energy numbers that will showcase the importance of “difference” and will deliver a plea for the acceptance of diversity.  If the spirit of the dances has not captured the audience by this point, nothing will.

And it is all about the spirit!  Dance is the release of emotions held within the soul of the dancer, a release that rolls over the audience and makes the experience evocative and viscerally meaningful.  It is true that in SL, our avatar bodies cannot move in the same ways as they move in the real world . . . who knows, maybe someday they will?  Yet there is a spirit of movement that comes through the digital medium that is felt by those who participate, whether dancer or audience member.  The Spirit Light Dance Company fuses the best of art and technology, privileging neither as it excels at both to produce a truly 21st century art form.

The SLDC wishes especially to thank Rockcliffe University for its constant and gracious support.  We also commend them for understanding the “fusion” that is SLDC’s art, for giving the company a lively home for its uniquely live productions, and for serving as an example of all that is possible in a virtual world.

Let the season begin!  January 29 and February 5!   

Ariel Lancaster began her Second Life in January of 2007. She is a journalist and columnist in SL, having worked for the Virtual Times and Scruplz publications. She writes about how identities are presented and communities are formed in virtual worlds. She recently signed on as the Communications Coordinator for the Spirit Life Dance Company.

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