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It was so cold outside where I live in the real world, I just had to find a place that was warm and had a beach.  I made my way over to Cafe Musique – owned by a good friend of mine Laya Hawker, where there’s a beautiful beach and of course the beach bar!   Ginger was the friendly host of the hour and along with Laya were both making sure everybody had a good time.

Dimivan Ludwig was just getting started with his show when I arrived. If you haven’t heard of Dimivan Ludwig, you have to see his show!  Dimivan has this crazy sense of humor (especially on the adult side!) and definitely never a dull moment with him.  He opened his set with All my Loving by the Beatles following up with While my Guitar Gently Weeps.   That’s when the show got much more serious as Dimi had to share with the crowd how he just got new bento balls and hands. Of course the talk of the show was about those bento balls to which he even had songs to sing about them! Of course he did – as he sang Bento Balls and even changed the lyrics of Gravity to be about about bento balls!

Dimivan has a lot of fun with his shows and you will have a great time as he strums his guitar and takes you on an hour filled with great music and laughter.  Singing songs by Phil Collins, Oasis, Foo Fighter and more… you won’t be disappointed!

Dimi’s Bio:  It’s a colorful, magical musical journey with Dimi. DimiVan Ludwig simply gets lost in the music and invites his audience to join him there…. Dimi graces his audience with his riotous humor while he shares an eclectic mix of tunes with beautiful acoustic styling and a sweet, passionate voice.

Songs from Don Henley, John Prine, Rodney Carrington, Edwin McCain, Neil Young, Lyle Lovett and so many more.

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