Devin 1 & 2 Photography Sim

I was peeking through the list on Second Life Destinations in Editors Picks when Devin 1 & 2 caught my eye.  Intrigued, I grabbed my camera and popped over there to check out the sim. It is totally amazing!  Upon landing you arrive at Devin 1, you’ll find yourself on a hill with ruins and a gorgeous lake surrounded by magnificent mountains in front of you . Beautifully done with so much to do and explore as you walk around the beach,  lakes and mountains filled with vibrant colors all around the landscape.

Not only is there Devin 1 – there is also a Devin 2. Taking the teleport from Devin 1, you’ll find yourself in a African themed setup – complete with animals, desert and more! On Devin 1 there’s even a Bubble Rezzer located by the stone hill that you can sit on and float around checking out the sim! And the fun doesn’t stop there as you’ll find on Devin 2- you can rez a jeep to travel around on the desert sands!!   I had a chance to talk with the owners of Devin 1 & 2 – Ally Daysleeper and Roy Mildor who were happy to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with me!

Electra: What was your inspiration in bringing Devin 1 & 2 to life?

Ally Daysleeper: I always wanted to have a full sim..Roy was not so excited about the thought but sooner or later he agreed, then he put his heart and soul into this place.

Roy Mildor: First sim was Devin 1 made of forest, beach, cuddle spots and photography. Devin 1 was built in one week and there was no plan before it was all built, I just had it in my head. With Devin 2 we got more prims and I had the idea to make another sim just totally different from Devin 1. With Devin 2, honestly, I have never seen any wildlife sim in SL that paints Africa and wildife so well.  Devin 2 was built in 3 days I was so in love with the theme.
Ally: That’s the best part of it all,to get feedback and see people enjoying themselves here.

Roy: It’s amazing how people see all this here and lots of wonderful photos. It’s amazing to see people sitting on spots. enjoying the sunset , the music, and all. When I cam around, it makes me smile that people are feeling good here and so many nice words we get from people. It touches me deeply and really people are welcome here anytime.

Electra: What’s your favorite area in either Devin 1 & 2?

Ally: Devin 2 we have a little private area where I can watch the sunrise and sunset from there. Devin 1, I love the beach but Devin 2 is still my personal favorite.

Roy: My fave spot on Devin 1 is the big old wooden bridge where you can stand and have a overview about lake and trees. On Devin 2 is the spot by the elephants so cute and when you walk up on hill and watch the sunrise and the amazing sandstorms here.

Thank you again to Roy Mildor and Ally Daysleeper for your time! Be sure to check out Devin 1 & 2!! You’ll love it!

Devin 1 & 2 Landmark/Slurl:  [Landmark]

Flickr Group to post pictures!  [Flickr link]



Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.

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