Josie Anderton “ABBA” @ White Satin

I heard that Josie Anderton was doing her ABBA themed show at White Satin and I definitely had to check it out!   White Satin venue is owned by Ducky (Splataduck) in the planetarium Ballroom. It’s so cool there with the pegasus surrounding the planetarium – very cool effects as if you are out in space.

Josie Anderton goes all out when she does her themed set of ABBA. Complete with awesome stage and her dance crew helping her out which totally adds to her show!   It was an amazing hour of fun and great songs sung by Josie as she sang so many popular ABBA songs.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch her ABBA sets – you definitely have to catch the next time she does it!  Trust me you’ll be singing along with her as she sings! Even the Blues Brothers showed up – of course they were watching tv and wondering where the music was coming from!

Josie’s Bio: Josie Anderton is a breath of fresh air on the live music scene here in SL. Her sultry voice and sense of fun along with an electric mix of blues, rock, pop and romance will have you dancing one minute and sending tingles up your spine the next. This girl is HOT!! Her energy is contagious and Josie’s voice OOZES Sex Appeal and Defines talent at it’s best. One listen and you are hooked. An incredibly interactive, playful performer who’s laugh is as infectious as her singing is music for the soul.

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