Voodoo Shilton @ Calas’ Skate-o-Rama

I managed to catch one of the many events happening at Calas Galadhon’s Skate-o-Rama as I stopped in to catch Voodoo Shilton’s show. Skate-o-Rama music venue build is the newest build by Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith and what a cool amazing job! A very fun build with the Skate-o-Rama is a retro themed roller rink built with desert setting surrounding it.

Voodoo Shilton played a great set with his fancy guitar work with his various guitars through the show.  I’ve seen him several times before playing solo as well as dual streaming with very talented artists in Second Life.  Definitely have to catch him at his future shows – his calendar link is listed below! It was a fun show as people danced in the crowd and also roller skating around the rink as Voodoo played.

Voodoo’s Bio: With great joy and passion Voodoo Shilton plays a huge span of musical styles on the nylon stringed guitar! From jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, fusion jazz, bossa nova, world music, latin music, blues, classical music, indian music and more, his performances feature many original pieces as well as covers of jazz standards and world music. In addition he has also incorporated many other instruments into his shows, including bass, electric guitar, mandolin, udu and other percussion, and midi instrumentation.. Voodoo also is a active prolific dual stream performer and plays in conjunction with many other musicians in Second Life, in particular Mulder Watts, Max Kleene, FunkyFreddy Republic, Harry Frychester TwinGhost Ronas but many others as well.

Voodoo’s Info!

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Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.

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