Got a Project? Need a Sim?

LEA grants temporary sims to Second Life residences for projects in art, performance, music, dance, and machinima.  These grants can last from one to five months.  If you have a project you are passionate about, and need a sim for it, learn more about LEA and apply for a sim.  Below is a brief overview of LEA plus a sample application for a three-month core sim.

About the LEA

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Guided by a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists, the LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and be inspired.

The LEA is run and organized by users of Second Life, with resources generously donated by Linden Lab. The LEA strives to:

  • Provide a starting point for artists in Second Life, and for those interested in art to make connections and display their work.
  • Encourage and cultivate art and artists within Second Life.
  • Foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents interested in art.
  • Provide a way for artists to promote their art.
  • Collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits, and performance spaces to help nurture their valuable participation in SL arts.

The LEA has an official Linden Lab page(link is external), and a ‘blog(link is external).

The LEA manages itself with a committee system. Curious who is on the LEA Committee? Here’s a list.

Feel you’ve been banned unfairly? You can start an appeals process.


LEA Core Sim Application

LEA is offering its core sims for shorter-term art exhibits or projects. We are looking for projects that utilize the many possibilities available in the virtual world. This is not limited to visual art; we encourage applications that are also collaborative efforts across the spectrum of the arts, including performance, music, and film.

The ‘core sims’ are regions LEA1 through LEA9.

The Core Sim Grant is a 3 month grant. Extensions are possible, dependent on availability.

What you get:
1) A parcel or full sim for temporary use (will be set to buy for 0L for 3 months)
2) The parcel/sim will be handed over to the artist on the 1st day of the month
3) The opening of the exhibit will be up to the artist, but sim must remain open to the public
4) LEA Blog will cover the event/exhibit

How to Apply:
1) Include your SL name and a valid email address
2) A short description of the exhibit or project and if you want a parcel or full sim
3) Indicate the start month and end month of the art exhibit or art project
4) Include the names of anyone who might be working on the exhibit/project
5) Include any special requirements you may need from LEA

 Second Life Terms of Service is external)
 LEA Code of Conduct


LEA Application:


An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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