Dancer Spotlight: Keko Heckroth

Dancer Spotlight: Getting to Know The Dancers
Keko Heckroth

Interview By Kara Trapdoor

1. What roles do you currently hold in any dance troupe such as dancer, choreographer, set designer, special effects, costume stylist, manager, etc.?  Have you held other positions in the past, if so please identify them as well.

I am active with several dance companies. With Spirit Light Dance Company I have been active for several years participating as a dancer, choreographer, set builder and serving in some other administrative capacities. For nearly a year I have been dancing with Starlite Dance Company and have also choreographed and built accompanying sets. Occasionally I will dance with Blue Velvet when they need a male dancer. Before they closed he doors, I also danced with Dramatiques.

2.  Where do you currently dance or work in SL?

Both of the companies that I am most active with have moved recently. Spirit Light Dance Company now has a theatre at Rockcliffe College. We have not held any show there yet but are working on one now. This is the sim Starlite’s shows are at:

3.  When and how did you get started in dancing or performing in SL?

I found out about dance for a show by Spirit Dance Company (now Spirit Light Dance Company). I found the show remarkable and immediate asked a cast member whom to contact. I contacted Caryl Meredith and the rest followed.

4. In a few sentences or less can you relay a particularly interesting, nerve-wracking, best or worst, proud, surprising, unexpected or unusual moment for us?


Every dance in which you have a significant part in is nerve-wracking. Perhaps the most important performance was my first for Starlite when I used a dance tool (dance controller and mover combination) that I had to create my first “live” show. I had no major problem but I was concerned that I or the dance tool would malfunction. It was a solo dance which included menacing, moving trees.

5. Do you have any dance, choreography, or related RL experience?

The closest I came to organized dance was when a dance contest contestant told me I looked like a dancer. I was flattered. In high school I was in the chorus in the show High Button Shoes.

6. What or who led you to performing in SL

In real life I make Native American Flutes. Naturally I have to play them. Early on in my SL existence I entered a talent show at the Shelter. I play a 10 minute set on my flutes and came it second place. I guess that sort of gave me the performing bug. It was not long after that that I was performing at a few music venues. I also hosted music events for the now defunct (in SL) U21 Global.

7. Is there anything extra you’d like to say:  Such as words of wisdom for new dancers, how you’ve handled fans, other SL jobs, tasks, other things you enjoy doing in SL, cost, pay or expense with your job, behind the scenes details, etc.

Dancing in SL has become the most rewarding experience I’ve had in SL. The teamwork that leads to a successful show is an overpowering feeling. I’m very glad that I have been able to dance in SL.

Article By Kara Trapdoor


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