Starlite Theater Show Review

Starlite Theater Variety Show
Totally Unbiased Review by Samual Wetherby
Photos By Monavia Voight & Starre (starrelite)

The Starlite Theater Dance Troupe had been preparing for tonight’s show for a month. The crowds started to fill up the seats as the doors opened at 6pm. By 6:30, we were at 70. A few minutes to showtime, we hit 100. Forced to lock it down and prevent any further teleporting in to avoid additonal lag, we were ready.

A good friend of mine, The Pink Vampire was gracious enough to accept my invitation to Guest Host tonight’s performance. She’s amazing. Very talented, very smart and has a giggle that is infectious.


Samual & The Pink Vampire

We started off playing all The Pink Vampire tracks I have from a previous radio show interview we did earlier this year plus some new ones she’s produced. Shortly later I did my welcome to the show for the audience and introduced Pink. We bantered back and forth for several minutes (could not tell you what we talked about). She is so much fun to talk to LIVE on the air and she is very quick witted and can keep right along with all my nonsense and babble.

First up was Deyna Broek and the Starlite Dancers performing to TLC Waterfalls. Cast was Deyna, Sha, Rosalie, Sagia, Callie, Vette and Serenitee.

Great job girls as they splashed around the stage in their cute sarongs and tops!

Next up we had a special guest performance by Kiki’s House of Burlesque, Ooh La La Dancers. Set by DaniSari and KiiKiiDoll, Choreographed by DaniSari. Their routine song by Christina Aguilera “I’m A Good Girl”, was amazing. Hot, Sexy and very visually entertaining!

Dancers KiiKiiDoll, DaniSari, Liqueur, Christee Lutrova, CherriBanks, Divalin Magic and Lillie Orfan.

We all want to thank Kiki, Dani and all of the Ooh La La Dancers for coming to perform at Starlite Theater. I will say that is the most PINK Starlite Theater has ever had on stage at one time. lol

Kiki’s House of Burlesque shows are most Sundays. Check for dates and times.




Isabelle Mavendorf was up with a routine named “We’re Poppin’ Tags”, done to “Thrift Shop”.
Dancers were Izzy, AJ, Barney, Callie, Muse, Dee, Serenitee, Lexy and Vette.

Barney was rocking some awesome threads and I am so wearing that jacket to the next show! Great job everyone!




Photo By Starre (starrelite)

Anu Papp-Scarmon (anu.papp) was kicking up the sand on the beach with the guys in “Do It Again”
Dancers Anu, Adam, Barney, Keko and Spinned.

Think Anu is having way too much fun!



Rosalie Pinazzo took the stage in a glam and glitz 3 girl dance on top of multi colored columns titled “Whip it Good!”. Dancers were Rosalie, Dee and Lexy.


Isabelle Mavendorf routine titled “Three’s a Crowd” jumped off the bed and onto the stage as the 3 adorable dancers Izzy, Keko and Adam in their PJ’s performed to “Triplets”. Very cute routine!


Anu Papp-Scarmon (anu.papp) and the Starlite Dancers  took to the streets in “Street Dancing”, song by Papaoutai. Dancers Anu, AJ, Electra, Sagia, Barney, Adam and Keko.

The song had a very foreign urban fun beat and I think Anu nailed it.



Adam (adam3.magic) collaborated with new Guest Dancer Monavie Voight  titled “Love Found”.
by Seal “Kiss From a Rose”. Dancers Adam and Mona.

This was Adam’s first time choreographing a routine, set building and performing live. I think he did an outstanding job. Want to welcome Mona as a Guest Dancer as she and Adam worked together to come up with the concept and production. Great job both of you, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!


Electra Spearsong created our last routine for the show with our traditional Audience dance. Six quick to click guest got to jump on stage and be a part of the last routine as we finished out the night. Song was “Shut up and Dance/Get Lucky” mix. Dancers were Electra and Dee.



Photo By Starre (starrelite)

Thank you everyone that came to the show! We hit 103 in attendance at one point with a steady 100 most of the night.

Thank you The Pink Vampire for being an amazing Guest Host!

Thank you Kiki’s House of Burlesque, Ooh La La Dancers and DaniSari for putting on a great Guest Performance. Be sure to check them out most Sundays at their beautiful theater! Tell ’em Sammy sent ya!

Starlite Theater Shows are once a month with dance troupe meetings every Monday & Wednesday at 6:30pm SLT.

You can check our schedule at the theater for upcoming special events.

If you are interested in Dance Theater, we would love to hear from you!

Samual Wetherby

LM Starlite Theater
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  1. Bapypea VonPhoenix

    September 30, 2015 at 1:33 AM

    Great review and super fun show! You and The Pink Vampire have great chemistry, you two are so cute together!

    • Samual Wetherby

      September 30, 2015 at 6:53 AM

      Ha, thanks Babypea. Yeah we banter good. Now if I could syndicate a radio show out of it and make millions.

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