Reduce Your Bloated Inventory Without Deleting Your Gear!

Are you sinking in inventory quicksand?  Being a dancer, we tend to constantly accumulate inventory: props, costumes, effects, scripts, notecards, animations, pictures, landmarks.  We can’t help it, we NEED this stuff for our dance creations.  But it gets relentless.  Trying to keep control over our inventory, and keep it organized, becomes increasingly futile.  I have been dancing for close to four years in Second Life.  I have at this time completed 48 Gorean dances and 271 stage dances.  I held my inventory at 40k items until a couple months ago, when I sort of gave up, and it has swelled to 45k.  I am buckling down and going to wrangle it back into the corral.

By all rights, my inventory would be sitting at 150k plus items easily were it not for my inventory management.  I am going to give a few tips on some of the things that I do, to keep my inventory under control, in the hopes that maybe it might help some others.  The more stuff we have, the longer it takes to load.  I don’t have statistics on how our inventory count affects our SL performance, but I have noticed when I log in an alt that has very little inventory, everything is faster and easier.  I have a lot less issues with lag.  So maybe some of these ideas will help you reduce your inventory count.



I have notecards that are labelled for things like Friends, Costumes, Building Supplies, RP Sims, etc.  I put my landmarks on the corresponding notecard.  When I need a certain LM, I just click it from the NC.  That way I don’t have thousands of loose LMs clogging up my inventory.  Plus, if I want to help someone like a new dancer with LMs, I can pass him or her the NC with all the LMs on it.  For example, Animations… a NC with LMs to all the animation places that I shop at.  It is tidy, easy, and that way I don’t have to keep a thousand (or more) loose LMs in my inventory.  I can also make notes on the NC under the LMs that give reminders as to what I like best about that location.  I also record names of favorite MarketPlace creators on these NCs.




Yes, I keep notecards of notecards.  I tend to be slow to throw things away.  You never know when you might need them.  By creating notecards titled with subject matter, I can then park related NCs on that NC and delete all those loose NCs from my inventory.  I have also, when I first started reducing my inventory, boxed up my notecards, naming them with subject matter and dates.  Once I have them boxed up, I delete the loose ones from my inventory and watched my inventory count drop dramatically.

NCs of NCs



I have thousands of pictures in my inventory.  I park a lot of my pictures on NCs, just as I do notecards and landmarks.  However, I also box up pictures.  Chances are high that we get a picture, enjoy it, park it, and rarely ever look at it again.  Well, that is how it goes for me.  By boxing the pictures up, labelled as to subject matter, I still have my pictures.  I think of the boxes as drawers.  It only takes a few seconds to drop a box and put it in edit mode, look at the contents if I want to take something out of the drawer.  Boxing up my pics reduced my inventory by thousands when I first began this method of picture storage.  Textures, of course, go in my texture organizer, not loose in my inventory.




Mesh is a nightmare.  When you buy a mesh outfit you are actually buying, on average, five outfits because you are getting it in five sizes.  As soon as I unpack a box containing a mesh outfit, I pack a new box with all the contents so I have a copy of everything.  The only thing that stays loose in my inventory are the specific items I actually need to wear the outfit.  Notecards, landmarks, sizes that I don’t wear all get boxed up and put in the folder with the items I will actually use.




Every time I make an outfit, it is made with links.  That means every item in that outfit adds to the count of my inventory.  The linked items aren’t really copies, they are just maps of sorts that link back to the original.  When you wear a linked item you are actually wearing the original.  But your inventory can burst at the seams with several hundred outfits full of linked-copy items.  Clean them out.  Delete the ones you know you will not likely wear again.  Delete the ones you are very sure you will never wear again.

Check first BEFORE deleting that all the items in that outfit are LINKED and not originals

Check first BEFORE deleting that all the items in that outfit are LINKED and not originals

Check first BEFORE deleting that all the items in that outfit are LINKED and not originals




Old sets that I have retired and have no intentions of ever performing again are still sentimental.  I don’t want to delete them.  At the same time, I don’t want them bloating my inventory.  So, I box them up.  EVERYTHING that has anything to do with a particular dance all goes into one box.  I then delete the loose copies.  Make VERY sure you do not pack up or delete any NO COPY items.  Be careful, take your time.  Obviously, if it is a no copy item, leave it loose in the folder it belongs in.




I have a lot of stuff that I will not likely ever use again.  Old stuff, houses, furniture, clothes, and just stuff and more stuff, expanding my inventory’s waistline.  I don’t want to delete it because maybe just maybe I might want it again someday.  Yes, I’m a hoarder but I am an organized, tidy hoarder.  In both lives.  So, I box it up, name it, organize it into folders and sub-folders.  I still have ALL my stuff, but it is not weighing down my inventory.  Of course, I do not box up anything I will most likely use in the next year, like my new prize collection of thought bubbles that I desperately NEED and will use.  But I have a lot of stuff I may never use again, so why have it spread out all over the house?!  Box it up and park it in the barn!




One thing I do is, I take a picture of me in an outfit that I doubt I will use again anytime soon.  I have that picture stored on my hard-drive in a folder system.  Then, I box up that outfit completely.  If I want to see what I have… because it is easy to forget… I open my folder system on my computer and look through the pictures of my wardrobe.  I can then go to that box and in a few seconds, unpack it.  This has saved me tens of thousands in inventory count.

Harddrive Folders


Again be careful when deleting items.  Make sure you have copies boxed.  Be careful not to delete any no-copy items.  Then go for it, and watch your inventory count number drop.  Your inventory will exhale a sigh of relief, and will find it much easier to sit, stand, and walk… even run.


An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.


  1. Bapypea VonPhoenix

    October 9, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    Sam! Are you saying your inventory is not exemplary in organization?

  2. Samual Wetherby

    October 9, 2015 at 7:11 AM

    Come fix mine!

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