Meet the DJ: Rebecca Dembo

Dance shows are big works.  Big works are made up of many small works.  A dance show takes a team of people, working together.  Every contribution matters.  But one contribution that no dance show can happen without is the music.  Would not be much of a dance show without music!  DJs are the unsung heroes of dance.  Unless you have DJed a show, you can’t imagine what they go through, chasing music, the time and effort it takes to organize a playlist, adjust their players’ settings to sim conditions so that they don’t crash or stall, and then the pressure of angry divas when the music stuffs up through no fault of their own.  DJs seldom get noticed or even thanked.  But they are the nerve center of any dance show, so I wanted to highlight them here on Showtime, let everyone get to know them better, and remind them of how much they are appreciated.  This is an on-going series.

Rebecca Dembo

Rebecca has been in SL for close to seven years.  She discovered Second Life through her spouse, who showed it to her and asked her to check it out.  She has been DJing for a few years, playing mostly 80’s, Country, and Soft Rock.  She DJs at the Winds of the Sahara Sundays at 5pm SLT, The Paramount Theatre on Saturdays at 7pm SLT, and streamed the Belly dance shows for Guerilla Burlesque at Burning Man Burn 2.  She is interested in finding another place or two to DJ at.

When asked if she feels SL impacts her real life, she said, “Yes I feel it does impact my RL, it is easy to get wrapped up and lost in SL when you are having fun.  I think it is both positive and negative at different times.  I think SL is one of the easiest places to get addicted too.  I feel we all come here for one reason or another and once we find that here, it is too late, as you are addicted to SL by that time.”

What changes has she seen with DJing over the years?  “I remember when DJing was paid to do a set.  Now most work for tips alone.  SAM was really bad back then and was always crashing.  Now it seems to be a pretty solid piece of software. The streams have improved as well, to higher bit rates and better quality.”  And what would she like to see changed?  “I would like LL to take steps to reduce the amount of stream loss in SL.”  Fair enough, and we agree!

When asked what her favorite aspect of DJing is, Rebecca replied, “I love hearing and learning from others on what songs they like and want to hear.”  What is her least favorite?  “When SAM acts up and wont play nice. LOL.”

Rebecca shared some advice for people who want to learn how to DJ.  “Be sure to have a decent collection of music.  Especially those popular songs that are always being requested.  Go see other DJ’s play, and see what is being requested so you can be prepared.  Plan to have options to find and get songs you do not have quickly so you can fill requests.”

Thank you for the time, energy and passion you give to SL dance, Rebecca!

Rebecca Dembo DJ

An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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