Meet the DJ: Kingston Martian

Dance shows are big works.  Big works are made up of many small works.  A dance show takes a team of people, working together.  Every contribution matters.  But one contribution that no dance show can happen without is the music.  Would not be much of a dance show without music!  DJs are the unsung heroes of dance.  Unless you have DJed a show, you can’t imagine what they go through, chasing music, the time and effort it takes to organize a playlist, adjust their players’ settings to sim conditions so that they don’t crash or stall, and then the pressure of angry divas when the music stuffs up through no fault of their own.  DJs seldom get noticed or even thanked.  But they are the nerve center of any dance show, so I wanted to highlight them here on Showtime, let everyone get to know them better, and remind them of how much they are appreciated.  This is an on-going series.

Kingston Martian

Seven years ago, Kingston heard about Second Life and decided to check it out.  He has been DJing for about two years.  He plays all kinds of music but prefers Classic Rock, ’80s and ’90s genres.  He DJs at Club BAD, an ’80s/’90s club, every Monday from 10pm-12pm SLT, Old Guard streaming usually Classic Rock every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm SLT, and Club Grind every Friday from 2pm- 4pm SLT, which is romantic music.  He is also the DJ for the theater shows at Moulin Rouge every Saturday at 7pm SLT.

In addition to DJing, Kingston enoys photography, videography, and a little bit of everything else in SL.  He feels SL impacts his RL in a positive way that is personal.  About SL addiction, he says, “It can be bad or good, just depends on how you set your priorities in RL.  Things in my RL always comes first over SL.”  Wise words!

Some changes he has seen in DJing over the years are, “The lack of tips.  Seems people do not wish to tip.  Also, many DJs talk every two seconds instead of having it about the music, especially during requests or dedications.”  What changes would he like to see?  “People respect the DJ enough to tip.  DJs realize, we are here to provide music for those who come to listen, not be a talk show host.”

His favourite thing about DJing in SL is, “Being able to set the mood, rather if it is one of excitement, one of healing, one of romance.  One of the best moments was while DJing at Club Grind, was a guy who finally through the music I was playing asked his girl to marry him.”  Smiles!  Beautiful!  And his least favourite thing?  “The lack of respect for our job by not tipping.  Yes, I do it for the enjoyment but always nice to be shown how much it is appreciated by a tip, it does not have to be a huge tip but some form of a tip is always appreciated.”  Many entertainers in SL feel if the audience is enjoying themselves, they will tip, and if they do not tip, the worry is that the audience is not having a good time.  So it is sure easy to understand Kingston’s concern, and it is something many DJs have spoken of.  In fact, many have quit DJing because they felt they were not appreciated by their audience.  Perhaps people feel pressured to have to give a large tip and they are under financial constraints, but as Kingston points out, it does not have to be a large tip to show a bit of appreciation.

What advice does Kingston have for people who want to learn how to DJ?  “Ask questions, its the only way to get better, along with practice practice practice.”

Thank you for the time, energy and passion you give to SL dance, Kingston!


An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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