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The One I Use

A lot of people contact me, wanting a walk-through on how to use a rezzer. I can only help with what I know, and can only share what I do. There are many rezzers, and I am sure everyone develops their own method of using them. I use the Multi-scene Packager v3.5.0 pkgv2. I love it and swear by it. It can hold many scenes or sets. You can rez one set for one dance, then rez another set from the same box for a different dance. You can even change scenes during a dance, with the click of a button.

First and foremost, I recommend only buying the copy version of this tool. The no-copy version has proven to be a nightmare for those I know who tried to go the cheaper route. In the end, they finished up buying the WAY more expensive copy version. I prefer to have a different rez box for each dance that I create. I may have different versions of sets for the same dance in the same rez box, to suit different sized stages for the different places I dance at. But I like to have a different box for each song that I create a dance for. This is only possible with the copy version of the rezzer.  Also, if you buy a no-copy rezzer, and SL decides to eat it as it often does… it has a voracious appetite in particular for no-copy items… then your dance sets are gone. Forever. If you use a copy rezzer, you always have a copy in your inventory. I usually store backup copies in different folders in my inventory too, just in case an entire folder gets ate. I further store master boxes on my land that contain copies of all my dance set rez boxes. You can only do this with a copy version of the rezzer system.

To start with, the only items I use in this system are the Multi-Scene Rezzer v3.5.0 (M/C/T) – NO MSG and the script called Multi-Rezzer Object Pin v3.4.7.  I have been told the door script is for doors and things that open, but long ago I tried that script and had issues with my doors rezzing properly, so now I only use the Multi-Rezzer Object Pin v3.4.7 script.  And I do not tend to ever have rez problems.  Outside of those two items, I keep the entire rest of this system boxed up.  I like things to be simple and streamlined, I don’t like clutter or complications.  This is just what I do.  That does not mean there aren’t other ways of doing this, and perhaps ways that work better for other people… this is just what works for me.

This system comes with a very long notecard that you can read on how to use it. It is very confusing. Way too much information. My instructions will be very simple. With lots of really big pictures.  If you want the college-level course instructions, study the notecards. There is also a 3:45 minute video that shows the rezzer in use:


Pack a Rez Box

After your dance is created and you are ready to pack your set into a rez box, drop an empty rez box. Which one to use? I only use the Multi-Scene Rezzer v3.5.0 (M/C/T) – NO MSG. This one does NOT spam local when rezzed, whereas the other one does. You don’t need your set-rezzing messaged to your entire audience. So drop this Rezzer where you will be able to find it easily during a show. I usually place mine behind my set, far enough back to not be in the stage wall, and off to one side. You do not have to pack the rez box on the stage where it will be used. I pack mine on my build platform.

Next, for each linkset or item in your build, right click it, select edit, and tick the Edit linked box on the Objects tab of the edit menu. Then left click the root prim of the linkset. The root prim is the prim that highlights yellow. It is the last prim that was selected before linking together a group of prims. After selecting the root prim, go to the Contents tab, and then drag the script called Multi-Rezzer Object Pin v3.4.7 from your inventory. Drop it into the root prim contents. Close out the Edit menu. The script will look for a rez box. Upon finding it, it will give you a message in local that the box has been located, and to take the item into your inventory. Take it. Make sure you notice which folder it goes to. If it does not go to my Objects folder, I drag it into the Objects folder, keeping all items that will be going into this rez box together in that one folder. Later, I will move all items that go in the rez box for that dance into a Rez Box Items folder that will be a subfolder in the main folder for that particular dance.



Once all linksets have rezzer scripts in their root prims, and you have taken them all into your inventory, right click the rez box and select Edit. Go to the Contents tab and then, one at a time, drag and drop each linkset or item into the contents. You will get a message in local as each linkset is processed by the rez box. The message will tell you that the box is updating to please wait, and will tell you when loading completed. Some people drag and drop all items at once into their rez boxes. I do not do this. It is much faster, but anytime I have tried that, I have had rez issues. As long as I pack the box one item at a time, I do not have rezzing mishaps. My own experience has been the rez box seems to choke if I try to feed it too much at once.


Once all your items are in your rez box, double click to open the notecard in it called .Scene. Name your scene by changing the letters between the brackets. Then list each linkset or item that is in the rez box. Names are case sensitive and must be exact, including any punctuation. Thus, I usually copy/paste the name of each linkset onto the Scene notecard. Then save the notecard. You will get another message in local that the scene is updating, to please wait, then the updating is complete. Now you should be able to left click the rez box, get a blue drop-down menu, and click the scene you want to rez. Take the rez box to your stage, rez the scene, then move the rez box around until the scene is perfectly positioned. Derez.




Only items that copy and modify can go into a rez box. Beware of copy/mod items that have scripts that do not copy/mod, as these usually cannot go into a rez box. I usually delete such scripts if possible, or I don’t use the item. I usually make my rez boxes phantom, as well as everything that goes in them, which reduces collisions and therefore reduces lag. If for some reason, such as for guest performances, my rez box may be visible on a very large stage, so I will make it transparent after positioning it, then use Control/Alt/T during the actual show to find and rez my set. I always copy/paste the coordinates of the rez box onto a notecard just in case restore fails. That way I can easily drop the rez box and copy/paste the XYZ coordinates into their corresponding slots in the Objects/Position (meters) to pop the rez box back into perfect position.

Something to watch out for. If you place items with the same name into this rez box, it will start assigning numbers to the item names. Example, if you put four movers into the box that you have not given unique names, they are all called something like: Spot On Choreography Mover 1.19. The rez box will rename them:
Spot On Choreography Mover 1.19
Spot On Choreography Mover 1.19 1
Spot On Choreography Mover 1.19 2
Spot On Choreography Mover 1.19 3
Your .Scene notecard will need to reflect these names, using the newly assigned names with a space and number at the end of each mover name. The names of items on your notecard must match the names of the items in the rez box exactly. So be aware of different items that have exact same names.  Every item in the rez box must have a unique name, or the system will number them to differentiate.

You can change the name of the scene at any time. If you want another scene in the same rez box, just copy/paste the name line of the scene and change the name that is between the brackets. In my example, I have a scene called Home and a scene called Jail. All items for both scenes are packed into the rez box. Under each scene name is listed the items I want to rez for that scene. I can rez Home during my dance then click the rez box, select Jail, and the scene will change suddenly from a home scene to a jail scene. This dance was to Blink 182’s “Won’t Be Home for Christmas.” It starts in the home and then finishes up in jail.

One thing you need to think about when you are doing multi-scenes during a dance. When I click Jail (the second scene in my dance) to change the scene from home to jail, everything that was rezzed for the home scene will vanish. That means if I had movers in that scene, they will also be taken back into the box. Not to mention, the set surround. Left like this, when I change scenes, I will be dancing with no movers and no walls. Kinda ugly!  See these pictures, imagining they are on a stage:




So, for a dance like this, I use two rez boxes. One contains my movers and a set surround, the other contains the Home and Jail scenes.



So, when I swap from Home to Jail, dancers are still on their movers and still have some semblance of a set for the audience to see, since the movers and surround are in a different rez box. But even this can be jolting for an audience, so unless I want to jolt them, I fade in a screen that is packed in the same rez box as my movers and set surround. After the screen fades in, I THEN click to change scenes, then fade out the screen, and POOF we have a new scene. This is a lot smoother for the audience. I usually make my screen something that relates to the dance. In this case, it was a cartoon that was funny, ’cause this was a humorous dance.  Here it is in screen shots:





When you are using two rez boxes like this, you must take them together (soft linked), drop them out together (with edit open), and move them together. Otherwise the movers may finish up in the wrong place in relation to the set. When you go to position your set on stage, drop them both together close to where you think they should go to rez properly on your stage. Then rez one of the scenes. Soft link the two rez boxes and move them around until the scene looks positioned properly on the stage. As long as you keep them together when moving them around, everything should line up right between the two rez boxes. Hopefully that makes sense. I threw in a lot of extra tips and tricks, hope it is helpful and not too confusing.


An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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