*The Keys* Photography Sim

I had heard of a very cool sim for photographers that was set up for anyone to come use anytime with no cost to join…and just had to check it out!  When I got to the The Keys sim – WOW…and that doesn’t being to describe it!  There are so so many photo opportunities all through the sim – with so many themes! It is absolutely beautiful – and very much worth checking out!  With the coolest details all over the place, don’t look too quick as you’ll miss the tiny details set up all around!  The possibilities in the pictures that you can take at  The Keys is endless – and many places set up with poses for both singles and couples to use as well.

the keys _002I had the opportunity to talk with the owner of the sim ƐƖσ Ɠяαcємσυηт (eloiseblake) earlier and we had a wonderful chat!   The response from the setup of The Keys has been so overwhelming with the success it has!  The Keys is open to all and free for all… and they change parts monthly as well as offer new shopping events and new props! The Keys has had the honor of being listed in Editor’s Picks in Second Life website as well as the Destination guide!   Elo was kind enough to share how this all came to be!

photos @ The Keys_006The Keys Background:

Photography in SL is a new art to me and something that I am now obsessed with. When I joined FLICKR and started to look at the work some have created , coming directly from SLife I was amazed at the sheer beauty and depth that I saw and I began to explore the places shown. Both hold the passion for photography, art and creativity as I do. Both the stylists to The Bay. So combined we chatted for ages over what The Keys should be.
For me photography should be free, it should be something every single person in SLife can access and enjoy. Not singled to those with Ls or those with knowledge. The “elite” class in SLife really makes me laugh and I wanted to show that free can be just as inspiring and as beautiful as a costly group or a costly region to enter. I wanted to showcase my huge inventory of items brought from a terrible shopping addiction then hide away collecting pixel dust.

the keys _003So we have The Keys.

There was no plan, no set route with this. We left it at photography and let it flow. We started adding and removing items until it just ‘ clicked ‘. By far the hardest task was linking the two regions into one fluid build. Mixing the 50’s into modern photography was hard but once that became clear everything else fell into place naturally.

The team, we’re a finely tuned engine. We work together through the issues and the tears and have each others support no matter what. Without the huge support from Stavaros and Mr. G, The Keys simply would not be.

The success it now is has left us shocked and very humbled. We said pre-opening that if we could capture the mind of one person, make one person take a photo and explore, we would be chuffed. To now be on the Destination Guide again but also Editors Picks, to see our little dream all over FLICKR/Facebook/Google + and many others is so very overwhelming but as long as the demand comes, we shall remain and we shall showcase work created by others, change sections to stop it being static and offer all free and welcoming to all.

photos @ The Keys_004Be sure to stop by and check this out!!  If you wish to help contribute to help them out – there are floating pigs on balloons for tip jars – so cute!  Thank you to Elo and her amazing team that help make this happen!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/999536583451658/

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2849046@N24/

Electra is a Photographer and Reporter for Showtime Magazine. She is also Co-owner of Special Moments store in Second Life.


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