Gates of Memories

Gates of Memories

Second Life is filled with unique and interesting places. Whether you are looking for a place to practice your photography skills, experience art, explore, or just relax and meditate Gates of Memories is a must see. I stumbled upon Gates of Memories in the destination guide. With nothing more than “We don’t remember days, we remember moments” in the description, I was intrigued. I set out to practice my “picture-taking” and was more than surprised by this destination.

This art installation is presented in an open air , winter themed venue. The stark landscape and snow lend well to the ambiance the creator intended. The landing point takes you to a gated home. At first I wasn’t sure where to start so I wandered around a bit and took a few pictures.   Then I really started to explore the sim and take notice of the art and discovered the beauty of the messages in this sim.

The themes of memories are presented from many different perspectives. My interpretation of this installation starts with the whimsical memories of child hood and innocence represented with mystical unicorns and children.

gatesnof mems_001

Then our memories of home are represented through the gated house. The home is empty except for a chair to sit and recall your personal memories. I took the opportunity and fondly remembered my grandparents home and the many times I spent in my grandmother’s kitchen or sitting on the steps, overlooking the ocean listening to my grandfather tell stories.

gardenof mems_022 gardenof mems_023

The creator tackles some of the more difficult emotions of memories as well. The life size chess pieces in combat speak to the  lose of innocence and the struggle with moments of good and bad memories.

gardenof mems_026

The happy memories of first loves and life loves compared to those painful memories  of lost loves and of losing companions and friends is another predominant theme. Each of these is constructed to appear as fading or momentary and in contrast to one another as you move through the various natural paths of the sim.

gardenof mems_012gardenof mems_011gardenof mems_004

The concept of fearing the lose of memory and lose of memories of others is powerfully conveyed through several pieces in the installation bringing to life the intensity memories have for every individual and the various  reactions to dealing with deep memories. These particular sculptures evoke the frustration, sadness and pain some memories bring.

gardenof mems_027gardenof mems_010gardenof mems_019gardenof mems_009gardenof mems_005

This is a great sim to photograph and if that is your goal you’ll find many opportunities to take some fantastic photos. You are certain to be moved by the messages represented  and I urge you to experience your own interpretation of the art you find here. My journey to Gates of Memories left me pondering my own connection to memories- good and bad. We certainly don’t remember days, we remember moments. I highly recommend a visit to take an opportunity and walk down your own memory lane.


My photos definitely don’t do justice to this amazing sim and you can see more great pictures on the Gates of Memories Flickr page.

Visit Gates of Memories here .


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