MurMurs is the new show of Misfit Dance & Performance Art group, an awesome theater dance/Broadway show.
It was emotional, fun and beautiful. I really enjoyed the choice of music, great choices from beginning to end. The show was at noon at the Misfit Forest Theater .

Even before the official start you could hear David Bowie and Queen in the background while anxiously waiting for the show to start. The intro song was The Murmurs – Untouchable. The show consisted of 8 dance sections where the talented dancers presented a story on a song. In between every performance awesome songs were being played while the dancers were changing costumes and getting ready. Songs like Dancing With Myself and More Than A Feeling.

Dance#1 Emotional
The first piece was an emotional dance on Ed Sheeran’s Give me love. It was a sad yet beautiful story. Jenzza Misfit was truly angelic and she was like a delicate flower while dancing. No words were spoken but you could just understand what it was about.  It was a touching performing and together with a particle show it was a grand opening.




Dance#2 Sassy!
This one was girly and fun, 3 girls just having fun dancing on ‘Dancing across the USA’ on a car. The party got even wilder when they started to drive the car, again with a great particle show. This gave me the impression of a holiday road. What a blast!




Dance#3 Bollywood
I must say I loved the setting of this one. Really nicely done, they brought me to the Middle East while dancing on Jai Ho. The girls and boys were fantastic and the costumes were so beautiful.  When the song was almost done we got a cute visitor, an elephant!




Dance#4 Cuteness
‘Awww’..that was my first reaction and I could hear I was not the only one. The theme was Hawaiian and the dancers were kitties! Original and so cute. These adorable kitties brought a smile on everyone’s faces.




Dance#5 $$$
Carl and Ellie from ‘Up’ were in this dance routine dancing on the Barenaked Ladies – If I Had 1 Million Dollars. Poor Ellie was sad but Carl sure knew how to cheer her up with his dance and dollar bills. After that the dancers joined the dance and more money was coming out of the ATM!




Dance#6 Pirates
I didn’t thought the show cold get any more cute after seeing kitties doing the Hula dance. But it did. The setting was a shipwreck on the sea with girly pirates and…. A DANCING SHARK!




Dance#7 Cuteness OVERLOAD
With this routine they really killed me with the cuteness. Four turtles dancing on Turtle Bayou, a frog, seagulls and to top it of a crap. Like a real original Disney movie full of cute animals. The turtles were really shaking it, shaking it so hard their harness felt off and things had to be censored!




Dance#8 David Bowie Tribute
Save the best for last. Such a great show it was and now to end it they gave homage to the late David Bowie. It was a celebration of an amazing artist we were lucky to have with the song Under Pressure. I thought this was the perfect song both legends on this song that are greatly missed. The theme was Alice in wonderland.




This show was fantastic and well put together. Very original and extremely cute and fun. You can really see the love and hard work that was put into it. No wonder why they are also nominated on the Avi Choice Awards ‘The Arts’ for favorite dance troupe and favorite choreographer amongst others. I can assure you that no picture or story will be enough to illustrate how great it was; you must go see the show when you can. It is something not to miss. The next show will take place at Feb 17th  7 PM SLT!

To see more of JenzZa Misfit work and a performance from the group you can see this video .


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