Slowbake Live Second Life Musicians Dj Show

Slowbake Live Second Life Musicians Dj Show

By Kara Trapdoor
Images by Belinda Barnes and SL Live Radio

Slow Bake is what’s cooking over at SL LIve Radio with DJ Sonicity Fitzroy.  Dj Soni, as she is generally referred to, hosts her weekly “Slow Bake” radio show at the SL Live Radio studio each Sunday from  12 noon to 2pm SLT.  Her set consists exclusively of music from SL musicians. Sonicity has been a DJ with BOSL Radio and now SL Live Radio in Second Life for the past 5 years.  She currently has compiled over 700 tunes from SL musicians.  She also blogs about the SL live music scene.where she often intersperses Second Life photos with first life photos and information about SL musicians.  She even has a first life photo of herself in her studio from her own past as a dj.  This show is unique in that the focus truly is live music from the SL live musicians, although the station in general includes a wide variety of other music at other times.

Soni is not often without her partner Belinda Barnes during her time in SL and Bel helps keep the crowds entertained during Soni’s shows with her typical quick wit and knowledge of fun facts. She also probably has the best stocked huddles I’ve seen in SL. and knows how to use it.  Soni and Bel used to take their show on the road more often, but lately have been enjoying the new SL live Radio music studio, although if you are interested in them considering  doing their show remotely from your venue just ask.  Be sure to check out the show in-studio where you can pick up a few cool freebies too.

Soni has done a terrific job with her large collection of music, is professional, and has a smooth voice during her entertaining show.  She has a history in RL radio and quite the impressive list of qualifications in sound and media in first life and professional experience in a wide range of Second Life areas as well.  As I write this Sonicity is in Milan Italy presenting at “Fashion Tales”, a real life international conference, “Feeding the Imaginary”, talking about the Fashion industry in Second Life and virtual platforms. She recently edited former BOSL owner and CEO, Frolic Mills’ book on Fashion, “Fabulous!”.  She also is Editor of Soundscape: Journal of Acoustic Ecology, Editor of Journal of Radio and Audio Media, and Machinima Reviewer for Journal of Virtual Worlds and Gaming.  She has 4 published books and is working on her fifth.  Two of them involved Second Life,  “Machinima The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking” and  “Second Life, Media, and The Other Society”.  She was a former first life DJ for years and has always enjoyed radio and sound.  She is currently a Professor of Sound and New Media in a Midwestern University who often brings a class into SL where they learn a variety of things in Machinima World, Sonic Lab, a 3 year experiment in media at the UWA Virlantis sim which is a collaboration between Southern Illinois University and the University of Western Australia.

SL Life Radio is winner of multiple Avi Choice Awards. So next Sunday head on over for some hot slow bake with DJ Soni and her lineup of SL live musicians.  If you enjoy music from SL musicians, this is the show for you were you get to sample a variety of originals and covers by some of Second Life’s best performers.

Esme Capelo is CEO and one of the owners of SL Live Radio along with Thorn Capelo. Their station streams a vareity of genre 24/7 and boasts various djs shows and can be heard around the grid in stores, homes, and various place.  See below for their stream and other links including their schedule of dj shows.

SL Live Radio Studio
Soni’s blogspot about all things SL live music here:
InWorld Stream for Land


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