Lady Garden Cabaret ~ Show Review

Lady Garden Cabaret ~ Show Review

“The Last Unicorns”

Great show today by the Lady Garden Cabaret dancers and friends. Theme was fantasy and unicorns with various music and acts to match. Below is a pictorial of the event along with a cast list of each routine.

If you haven’t seen one of LGC’s events, be sure to check them out and catch the Encore show Feb 26th, Friday 3pm SLT!

Act I: Aelva

Act II: Imrhien Porthos, Tray Porthos & Caelyn Delaney

Act III: SexyS Quintessa, Diawa Bellic, Aleva & Chandra Meehan

Act IV: Exhibitionista

Act V: Eostri

Act VI: Kismet Coy

Act VII: Chandra Meehan, Kismet Coy, Aelva, Duchess Flux and Rug Halberd



LGC_004 LGC_006 LGC_007 LGC_008 LGC_010 LGC_011 LGC_012 LGC_013 LGC_015 LGC_016 LGC_017 LGC_018 LGC_019 LGC_020 LGC_021 LGC_023 LGC_025 LGC_028 LGC_029 LGC_030 LGC_031 LGC_032

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