Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl)
By Kara Trapdoor

1. What roles do you currently hold in any dance troupe such as dancer, choreographer, set designer, special effects, costume stylist, manager, etc.?  Have you held other positions in the past, if so please identify them as well.

BABYPEA: I currently am a choreographer for Elysium Cabaret, A&M MOCAP Maniacs, Starlite Dancers, La Oro’s Unleashed Ladies and Gents, and ExtravaDanza.  I am a self-sufficient choreographer, meaning I select the costumes, build the sets, and orchestrate the special effects as well as doing the choreography for my own dances.  I also dance in other peoples’ dances as needed.  I do a lot of management duties including promotions, scheduling, and communication for special events and special shows.  Recently, I joined with a group of people in starting a quarterly dance magazine in SL called MOVE, and I am really enjoying it.

BABYPEA: I am co-owner of Elysium Cabaret, along with three other people.  In the past, I have managed and directed Elysium Cabaret and A&M MOCAP Maniacs.  I suppose my biggest project was being granted a LEA sim, which I used for a sim-wide special dance show called “SuperMetropolis” through the dance troupe Euphoria, and then “Christmas ExtravaDanza” through the troupe ExtravaDanza.  I also organized “Dance Galaxy” on the LEA sim which was a two-day dance festival that featured performances from fourteen troupes.  Plus, I coordinated “Dawn of Dance” which was a series of classes to teach people new to dance, help them get started, and then debut on the LEA sim.  I am a manager for the Dance Queens group, which is a service group provided to the entire dance community and includes a resource hub, free to all.  Dance Queens has a blog as well as an info center.

2.  Where do you currently dance or work in SL?  (Please list theater names and location coordinates)

Elysium Cabaret – The Empire Room – Copperhead Road:
A&M MOCAP Maniacs – Home of the A&M Mocap Maniacs:

ExtravaDanza – ExtravaDanza – ExtravaDanza:

La Oro’s Unleashed Ladies and Gents – La Oro’s Performing Arts Center – Puffetta:

3.  When and how did you get started in dancing or performing in SL?

BABYPEA: My roleplay Gorean Master, who has since become my RL husband, loved Gorean dance, so I started dancing to please him.  After half a year of competition dancing, I entered mainstream dance because I wanted to dance to different genres of music, wear a variety of costumes, and build sets.  Lady Correia hired me and trained me in Traditional Burlesque.  Then I met Diawa Bellic, and she took me under her wing, became my mentor.

4. In a few sentences or less can you relay a particularly interesting, nerve-wracking, best or worst, proud, surprising, unexpected or unusual moment for us?

BABYPEA: Something very special for me has been from teaching.  When I see a student take the stage for the first time, and they IM me… they are so nervous… but after!  Exhilarated!  It is such a joy to see other people discover they CAN do this, to see them so happy, excited, fulfilled.  I love watching them blossom, seeing them having fun and feeling satisfied with what they create.  A candle loses no light from lighting another candle, and I love to share what I know with eager minds.

5. Do you have any dance, choreography, or related RL experience?

BABYPEA: Outside of ballet, tap, and jazz dance lessons when I was a kid, I have no RL dance-related experience.  That’s why SL is so great, I can do stuff in here that I can’t, didn’t or don’t do in RL.  I’ve always danced in RL, but always in the privacy of my own home, just for fun.

6. What or who led you to performing in SL?

BABYPEA: My other half led me to performing.  I started dancing in Gor because he just loved it so much, and it warmed my heart to make him happy.  I expanded into mainstream SL dance because I wanted no limits on my dancing, and wanted to be able to have a variety of dance adventures and experiences.

7. Is there anything extra you’d like to say:  Such as words of wisdom for new dancers, how you’ve handled fans, other SL jobs, tasks, other things you enjoy doing in SL, cost, pay or expense with your job, behind the scenes details, etc.

BABYPEA: Don’t compare yourself to others.  Don’t compare others to others.  So many times, I have heard people say, “I have to follow THAT?”  You will never enjoy dance if you turn it into a competition.  Your dance is very personal and has nothing to do with what anyone else does.  SL dance is a social art form.  As such, it is faceted with many faces of interest.  There is no ‘best’ anything in SL dance, only personal favorites.  The point is to connect with your audience.


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