Meet the DJ: Diamonique Viper

Dance shows are big works.  Big works are made up of many small works.  A dance show takes a team of people, working together.  Every contribution matters.  But one contribution that no dance show can happen without is the music.  Would not be much of a dance show without music!  DJs are the unsung heroes of dance.  Unless you have DJed a show, you can’t imagine what they go through, chasing music, the time and effort it takes to organize a playlist, adjust their players’ settings to sim conditions so that they don’t crash or stall, and then the pressure of angry divas when the music stuffs up through no fault of their own.  DJs seldom get noticed or even thanked.  But they are the nerve center of any dance show, so I wanted to highlight them here on Showtime, let everyone get to know them better, and remind them of how much they are appreciated.  This is an on-going series.

Diamonique Viper

One of the most fabulous voices in SL belongs to Diamonique Viper, as her fans and friends can testify to.  She has been DJing for six of the seven years that she has been a Second Life member.  She says it was an episode of “The Office” that made her join SL.  Would love to get the story behind that!  Sounds intriguing!

Di plays Club, Remixes, Top 40, Pop and 80s as her specialties but assures, “I can play just about anything I am asked to play.”  She has regular DJ gigs at Vipera where she is also the General Manager.  They are open nightly from 5pm until midnight SLT.  Her permanent gigs are Wednesday and Friday at 9pm SLT.  She also dual DJs on air with DJ HardDrive as often as possible, another example of the magic of Second Life, as she says, “Two DJs 3,000 miles apart live on air together.”  She also DJs a show once a month for The Main Event Show Lounge, a burlesque dance troupe.  She is available for hire, for private events.

What does she like to do in SL when she gets away from the mic?  “Photography, window shop, hang out with my great friends and manage Vipera, the premier social and dance club in SL.”

Such a dedicated and hard-working SL hints at a proactive person who may have just as productive a RL.  Does SL impact Di’s RL?  “Yes, SL very much carries over to my RL, and for the most part it’s a positive impact. Just like RL, it all depends on the people we surround ourselves with. Creative, smart, kind and generous people fill my SL and make me smile all the time RL. I don’t shut down the PC and forget the relationships I share with others in SL.”

Di has a healthy and sensible outlook on SL addiction.  “I believe that 95% of adult humans enjoy some form of entertainment during their “free time”. TV, movies, video games, jogging, swimming, bar hopping … no one works ALL the time. If someone choses SL consistently for their free time, I hardly would call that an addiction. However RL should never be put on the back burner or suffer because of SL (or watching TV or bar hopping).”  She makes a very good point!

What changes has Diamonique seen with DJing over the years?  “The biggest change for me in SL DJing was meeting DJ HardDrive, who has introduced me to dual DJs on air as well as Live Mixing in-world.”  And what changes would she like to see?  “I would love to see some of the SL DJ talent break into the RL DJ scene.”  WOW Di is a woman of vision, what a positive and uplifting perspective!

Everything has its pros and cons, so I asked Di what was her least favourite thing about DJing in SL.  “I have noticed sadly there are a lot that can play music in-world and think that makes them a DJ. What they fail to realize is, there is a lot to take into consideration which adds production value to a set. Along with that influx of the clueless, there have also been many pros joining the ranks of SL DJs, and hats off to their high quality productions.”  And her favourite thing? “It is all about the music. Life should have a soundtrack. In SL it really can have one!”

Di offers some of the best advice for people who want to learn how to DJ.  “Anyone can play music. The radio plays music… but not everyone can be entertaining while playing music. Choose to be entertaining.”

In closing, Diamonique added, “I have had the pleasure of working with some very talented DJ personalities at Vipera over the past few years, and I love hearing the high quality, creative shows they come up with. I would highly recommend hanging out with us sometime.”

Thank you for the time, energy and passion you give to SL dance, Diamonique!

Di July 2015

An award-winning competitive Gorean dancer, Babypea entered mainstream SL performance dance in July 2012. She co-owns Elysium Cabaret, and often dances for other troupes as well, as a regular or a guest performer. The friendship and fellowship dance provides is as important to her as the creative expression of this amazing artistic medium.

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